Thursday, July 13, 2006


Hey Everyone,
I hope all is well with the Wimberly and Ayars families. Everyone on this side of the family is well.
We have had four high school graduations this spring (Zach, Morgan and Hannah and a step grandson Kyle). All of the Deeter siblings were able to get together for the California graduation and spend a bit of time together. We got to take the littlest kids into San Francisco and Muir Woods for the day. They liked the ferry to the city the best of all. Then my family went to LA to visit Paige's family and then to Utah for a week of rafting and hiking. All very wonderful and fun.

Our summer is coming to a quick close. We start school in less than 4 weeks. And so we are looking at next summer already. I remember some rumblings about a cousin gathering in Michigan next summer and wondered if that was a real thing? If so, when do you all expect to get together. We would really like to be there and want to make sure we get it in our plans. thanks to which ever one or ones of you are making the plans.

Hope you enjoy the photos. I can't figure out how to rotate the one of Mom and the girls. So best of luck craning your neck or your computer to see it. Take care and love to all of you. Betsy