Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Newest Member of the Clan: Meet Jozlyn!

Here she is! Jozlyn Ayars, daughter of Brad and Cindy, sister of Will and Sam, niece of many aunts and uncles, cousin to oodles of cousins!

Jozlyn is beautiful! Congratulations!
Congratulations Brad and Cindy!
Tammy said she got to meet Jozlyn and see the rest of your family too.
Is the adoption final? Hope it has gone smoothly.
Adoption for Jozlynn is in the works, yet; Hopefully it will be complete by the end of this year. TPR's are done. Now it's a waiting period and court scheduling/verdict. We expect this to be much quicker than it took for finalization on each of the boy (3-3½ yrs)!

It was great to see the family in Wabash and La Porte. Will really bonded with Emily and was so into hanging with Michael and Levi!(Levi was able to teach Will to catch the baseball in the webbing, not the palm of the glove -- a painful but permanent lesson.) Sam and Joz enjoyed meeting all the extended family, too. Sam dreams of being D'Artagnan with swashbuckling adventures were squashed when Uncle Bill wouldn't let him play with the cane sword... thank you for remembering the weapon, Tracy!
It's JozlynN

- Karen aka Jozlynn
I'm happy to have been adopted into this family :)
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