Thursday, February 08, 2007


Family Gathering: The Word from Jenny

You're Invited to the

(as in "let's all get together to enjoy each other's company"
and not as in "let's all get together and choose trees")

This auspicious event will take place during the
weekend of July 21, 2007
at the humble, midwestern
Allen Family Farm
in Lagro, Indiana.

You are encouraged to bring
your branch of the Wimberly Family Tree
to this gathering of the Gray Hairs.

Mark your calendars, make plane reservations,
tune up the vans and gear up for a weekend of
grafting our branches back to the mother trunk.

More detailed information of
the fun activities will be forthcoming.

Are you coming? Please let me know. I will need to reserve rooms in the near future.
oops! I guess I should have signed that comment. Jenny said..... instead of anonymous said...
Jenny, yes, I'm coming -- also Jack and Jordan. Could you reserve two rooms for us for Friday and Saturday -- or point me toward where I should reserve rooms?
louise says - i must be branch one dot two. So, me and my bud, Rob, and two twigs, Isabella and James, will plan to attend. Where should we call or write to reserve rooms?


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